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Employment Eligibility Verification in El Paso

El Paso Immigration Attorney

If you are hiring an employee, you are required to complete a Form 1-9 for every person that is hired, whether they are a citizen or a non-citizen. The form allows the employer to verify identity documents provided by the potential employee, and ensure that they have the appearance of being genuine, and that they actually belong to the person being considered for the job. Foreign nationals without correct documentation cannot be hired legally in the U.S., and failing to review their documents and have a Form 1-9 on file could lead to legal trouble for your company. An El Paso immigration lawyer from Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A. can assist you with all aspects of employee eligibility verification.

Legal Representation for Employers in Eligibility Verification

The USCIS now offers an E-Verify service to determine if the individual has a valid social security card or other documentation. The accepted documentation could be a U.S. passport, or a U.S. passport card, a Permanent Resident Alien card, a current and valid work visa, or an Employment Authorization card. A foreign passport with Form 1-94 could also be valid documentation, as long as the authorization date for working in the U.S. has not expired. There are other specific acceptable forms of documentation for special cases, and our firm can advise you and manage this issue on your behalf. Ensuring that you are not taking risks with your company and keeping your legal documents in order can be extremely important should a federal agency want to verify that you are not hiring those that do not have the legal right to work in the country. The fines and other penalties that could be imposed could destroy your

When hiring an employee, this issue is extremely important. You could face legal repercussions if it is later found that your employees are working illegally in the El Paso area, and you have engaged their services. You, as an employer, are required to obtain and preserve these documents, and this is not a minor issue. When federal authorities sweep an area, your business could get embroiled in a very serious legal problem. At Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A., we are here to help you keep these critical issues under control.

Contact an El Paso immigration lawyer from our firm for more information about employment verification.

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