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Business & Investor Visas

Who qualifies for business/investor visas?

Business and investor visas, or "E visas", refer to non-immigrant visas granted to employees (usually managers and executives) of foreign businesses from certain qualifying countries. These countries have treaties pertaining to trade or investment with the United States. There is no regulation on the amount of trade or investment required for the visa to be approved, but the likelihood of the granting of the visa will increase with the amount of the trade or investment. It is normally a substantial amount. The visa must be renewed every other year as long as the trade or investment continues. These visas can normally be renewed indefinitely. Family visas are not necessary for the spouse and unmarried children (under 21 years old) of the principal E visa holder as they may receive derivative E visas. When business is concluded in the United States, the investors or employees must either return to their country or apply for a change of status.

If you are an investor or business from any of the Treaty Trader or Treaty Investor countries and you are seeking a business or investor visa, an El Paso immigration attorney from Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A. is well versed in all aspects of immigration law. Richard Maney, Senior Partner has been servicing clients for 40 years and the combined years of experience from our firm exceeds 100 years. Whatever your immigration or visa needs are, you will find honest and insightful legal representation from our firm.

El Paso Immigration Attorney Serving Businesses and Investors

Immigration law is one of the most complicated and intricate forms of law in our country. You will want responsible and reliable legal assistance to ensure the health and success of your business ventures. We understand the importance of the rapid resolution of all visa issues for your business.

Contact an El Paso immigration lawyer in our office for assistance in obtaining visas necessary to conduct business or investment in the United States.

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