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El Paso Asylum Attorney

Are you or a loved one seeking asylum?

Asylum is an ancient practice whereby an individual fearing persecution in their home country, based on race, religion, nationality, social membership and/or political views, seeks protection from another country. The individual seeking asylum in the United States is already in the country. This differs from refugee status where the person is outside of the U.S. and normally requests refugee status from an embassy or the United Nations.

There are some difficulties and challenges when seeking asylum. It is strongly advised that you retain the services of a professional El Paso immigration lawyer. If the individual seeking asylum has entered the country illegally, they may be held in detention during the time their request is being reviewed. Additionally, applicants for asylum are not eligible to seek employment authorization for an additional 150 days. For immediate family members to be considered they must be named on the asylum application. They do not have to be in the country to be named on the application.

Asylum Lawyer in El Paso

The immigration laws in our country are some of the most intricate and complex that we have. Richard Maney, Senior Partner is Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality law and has achieved high ratings for his accomplishments. No matter what circumstances you or a loved one are facing, reliable and trusted legal representation is essential to reach the best possible outcome. At our firm, we understand the fear and concerns you may be facing in your request for asylum. We want to assure you that taking all legal steps now towards that goal is a much better choice than trying to build a deportation defense later. Don't take any chances with your future.

Contact an El Paso immigration attorney at our firm for help in achieving asylum in the United States.

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