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El Paso Immigration Lawyer

Helping Individuals and Families in El Paso and Surrounding Areas

Immigration and naturalization in the United States are far from easy. American immigration laws are extremely complex and change on a regular basis, making the application process more and more difficult as time goes by. For those in the El Paso, Texas area, immigration comes under special scrutiny because of the extreme proximity to the U.S. border. Therefore, instead of trying to handle the forms, documents, and other immigration details on your own, the experienced team of immigration attorneys at Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A. recommends that you speak with a member of our firm right away. This way, you can learn your rights and receive assistance throughout the legal process of immigration.

Whether you are a skilled business or trade professional from overseas who is seeking to obtain a work visa, an investor seeking a business and investor visa in order to start a business in America, a large multinational corporation, or a loved one member seeking a family or fiancé visa in order to be reunited with your family in the States, the immigration lawyers at Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A.​ are dedicated to helping you achieve your American Dream. Families are important, and so are business opportunities. They are issues that could potentially alter your future and, therefore, must be handled skillfully by an El Paso immigration attorney.

Why choose an El Paso immigration attorney from our firm?

Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A. has many years of experience in a variety of situations and legal areas. For employers, there are many issues that must be addressed, and many questions that could arise. Issues like an employment visa I-9 form and employment eligibility verification must be addressed, as there are very serious legal penalties if these laws are not followed to the letter. Another issue that you may desire to discuss with our firm if you are an employer is that of labor certification, Sometimes, there is an individual overseas whom you want to work for your company and who must therefore establish permanent residence in the United States, or become a U.S. citizen.

Information for individuals seeking various types of visas is available from our knowledgeable immigration firm as well. There are essentially two categories of visas: the immigrant visa, which will allow a person to stay in the country indefinitely as long as they comply with the laws and maintain eligibility for renewal, and non-immigrant visas, which are short term visas available for reasons such as visiting, tourism, education, etc.

An main example of a long term visa is a green card. This legal identification establishes a person’s permanent residency in the United States, but does not grant them the extended rights and privileges of citizenship. A person could also obtain a long term visa by applying for and being granted asylum in the U.S. in order to escape imminent harm or persecution in their country of origin. This status is only granted to a strict number of applicants each year, so make sure you have the counsel and representation of a capable immigration lawyer. Another example of a non-immigrant visa is a student visa, which allows for a temporary stay in the country while the applicant attends an approved university, college or institution. This application must be approved by the Department of Homeland Security (D.H.S.) before the individual may attend the school, however, so make sure you apply in a timely manner.

Without legal assistance from an experienced attorney, it is estimated that you will face a 67% chance of being denied entrance into the country by the U.S. government. This rejection of your immigration efforts could force you to begin the process all over again or even worse, face deportation. Deportation is always a frightening thing, but our firm could provide you with deportation defense, as well as help with a petition for cancellation of removal.

El Paso Immigration and Visa Attorney

At Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A., our experienced legal team could advise you with any type of immigration, visa, overseas company transfer, family situation, and financial investment in the United States, trained worker eligibility, and much more. Our firm has over 32 years of combined experience in immigration, as well as our AV® rating from Martindale Hubbell®, the highest rating available. This will give you assurance that you are being represented by a uniquely qualified and dedicated group of immigration attorneys. We are also board certified in immigration and nationality law and we are members of the Texas Bar and the New Mexico Bar.

Our firm is committed to providing you with excellent, focused service. We understand that each immigration case is unique and therefore deserves the benefits of our experience and full attention. Our clients are encouraged to ask questions, voice their concerns, and request information about their case. To further assist you, we have attorneys and staff members who are fluent in many different languages. It is important for you to know that, with our firm, you can be assured of privacy; we understand the need to keep our conversations with our clients confidential. If you are in need of an immigration lawyer for any reason, we welcome you to call our offices for dependable, experienced legal counsel.

If you are facing an immigration issue of any kind, contact an El Paso immigration attorney from Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A.​ today for a free consultation.

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